Autonomous Vehicle Electronics and Hardware Engineer

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We build intelligent driverless machinery for farms

General Job Description:

Full-time position with opportunity for ownership in the business. The position will be to lead development of hardware for autonomous agriculture vehicles.

Background and Nature of Career:

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Our vision at Smart Ag is to Feed the World Smarter and it all starts by unlocking the potential of farmer not the acre, not the seed, and not the plant. In our opinion, the smartest way to solve the huge worldwide challenge of feeding a fast-growing population is to empower the farmer who we believe can unlock the potential of the land better than anyone else. With the correct tools, technology and knowledge, farms can do the seemingly impossible. Our goal is to give them the technology to farm smarter and eliminate the choice between what is best for their farm and constraints like available labor, brands of equipment or data compatibility. That is why our first product AutoCart™ can be used with an operator in the grain cart tractor or autonomously and is compatible with any brand or combination of brands of equipment. It also provides the farm with a variety of data from every connected machine which can be used or shared however they choose.

Our desire to empower the farmer begins with our ability to empower our team members. Smart Ag is looking for team members, not employees and there are many talented individuals may not be qualified or able to succeed on our team. Smart Ag is looking for the individual that is willing to work long hours, make market wages, take on tasks that aren’t in their job description, and make sacrifices for the good of customers, team members and Smart Ag’s mission, all in exchange for an opportunity to reach massive levels of success professionally and personally.


Position description:

Developing and overseeing development of hardware for machine control. Design electronic control system for vehicles and create networking solutions between multiple unmanned machines. Work with a team of software engineers to implement hardware solutions on board machinery. Source components and hardware as needed from suppliers.

Tasks critical to success:

·       Develop hardware or boards from scratch when needed

·       Understand computer electronics and embedded systems to create functioning controllers without assistance.

·       Architect systems, design and oversee the development of new projects.

·       Understand and implement IoT and M2M mesh networking

·       Develop and improve machine visions and obstacle detection systems.

·       Engineer electronic controllers.

·       Lead teams and projects to achieve effective and timely goals

Description of roles and relationships within the company:

·       Work directly with company CEO and leadership to build new and innovative products

·       Lead hardware development teams.

·       Develop solutions for a variety of different machinery used in agriculture today.

·       Work with customers, troubleshoot problems, develop and execute rigorous testing protocols with all products.


·       In depth understanding and experience with user hardware development

·       Experience leading teams and familiar Scrum

·       Knowledge of Linux, CANBus, PWM controllers, Sensors, Computer Vision, IoT, Telematics and mesh networking.

·       Experience with vehicle electronics preferable agriculture related.

·       Basic understanding of agriculture and farming.

·       Has completed more than one self-designed project to build something useful related to field of study

·       Leadership ability

·       Entrepreneurial spirit

Job location:

Ames, Iowa



To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]