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Description of Job:

Responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive research program focused on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and the plant rhizosphere.  In alignment with corporate goals and objectives, this position will lead the discovery and early development of new products, manage a team of scientists and provide technical support to existing global business activities.

Principal Responsibilities:

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–       Provide scientific leadership and expertise in conducting experiments with endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi, including the development and/or optimization of functional plant bioassays

–               Actively manage (bio)safety regulations in all work areas

–       Manage the evaluation of existing R&D pipeline leads and also expand the AMF library collection in order to identify new product opportunities

–               Develop new in-vitro AMF production technologies and culture maintenance

–               Manage laboratory, growth chamber and greenhouse experiments

–               Manage and further develop quality assurance techniques and evaluation metrics for AMF products

–       Provide research support for the global business, as needed

–       Participate in cross-functional project teams located in different geographies that are focused on new product development and product life cycle management



–       Demonstrated proficiency in conducting practical research with AMF and the rhizosphere

–       Demonstrated ability to effectively lead and manage a team of scientists

–       Prior experience in maintaining fungal cultures, mycological techniques, staining techniques, protoplast or single cell cultures and cell fusion

–               Hands-on experience in conducting lab, growth chamber and greenhouse plant bioassays

–       Prior experience in screening of chemicals or biologicals with AMF and/or soil microbes

–               Demonstrated ability to design and execute experiments, organize, statistically analyze and interpret data

–       Working familiarity in conduct molecular/biochemical research which includes cloning, gene expression, quantitative PCR, protein purification, gel electrophoresis and sequencing

–               Must have excellent organizational, communication, problem-solving and record-keeping skills

–               Fluency in basic computational software



Ph.D. degree in Mycology, Soil Microbiology, Agronomy, Plant Physiology, or related field with at least 7 to 10 years of relevant experience in all or most of the areas mentioned under “Experience”.



Domestic/International travel: 10-15%

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]