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Hardware + Software for indoor smart automation

We’re looking to grow our commercialization team. Please reach out if you can or already sell into greenhouses / indoor grow operations.


At its core Motorleaf, learns to understand what crops require via their data, and turn those insights into instructions for existing grow equipment to adjust automatically to a crop’s needs.

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Connect any existing grow equipment into Motorleaf’s hardware + software system – and grow smart.


Motorleaf has designed a suite of IoT, sensor packed hardware units, as well as best in class software that scales as a mesh network, while working online and offline to monitor, automate and predict crop production.

Value Proposition: Motorleaf is urgently needed for indoor farmers big and small alike. With the ability to improve crop production automatically now possible via less expensive sensor based monitoring, and the emergence of AI and Machine Learning, customers can now streamline crop production, saving costs, increasing yields and protecting against failure with a system that learns to improve. Existing solutions on the market simply don’t offer this mix of monitoring, automation and prediction. Customers include greenhouse producers, vertical farmers – operating in spaces from 5000 sq ft > to 100+ acres in size.

Scalability is key, the system is modular so customers can start small and build on, while enjoying an ease of use that is unmatched within the industry. It’s also not an ‘all or nothing’ solution – existing environmental control systems can connect with our solution.

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