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Who You Are

You enjoy taking initiative and getting things done, rather than sitting back and waiting for direction. You have experience identifying innovative ways to build a system that stores large amounts of geospatial data and want to make things happen. Ambiguity and change don’t bother you. In fact, you consider yourself to be extremely adaptable and flexible in the face of change.

About the Role

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Variability and uncertainty are an intrinsic part of farming. Weather, pests, nutrient deficiency, and poor technique can destroy crops. Understanding these is the key to increasing yields and efficiency. The Geospatial Engineer at FarmLogs will use what data we do have available to model variability inside and between agricultural fields. Among other sources, FarmLogs uses satellite imagery, weather data, soil surveys, yield maps, elevation and fertilizer records. We are looking for imagination and experience modelling spatial variability. Your work will likely involve crop growth and image classification models, but you’ll have the freedom to apply your past experience in any way you think can help farmers.

Tasks You’ll Be Juggling

  • Processing, classifying and deriving insight from satellite imagery
  • Modelling hydrology using climate, soil, and elevation
  • Analyzing farmer inputs (fertilizer, seed, chemical) and outputs (yield)
  • Combining the above and more into models of variability affecting crop growth

Your Creds


  • Experience in spatial modelling (eg. spatial regression, geostatistics, hydrology, reservoir modelling, remote sensing). This is intentionally broad. We’re looking for anyone who has worked extensively with spatial data, whether in energy, resources, defense or agriculture.
  • Experience processing geospatial data (eg. GDAL, PostGIS) or imagery (eg. PIL, OpenCV)
  • 3+ years programming experience (Python preferred)

Nice to Have

  • Agricultural background
  • Experience configuring deployments (eg. AWS, Jenkins, Github, Sentry, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform)

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