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Who You Are

You love technology and bring a wealth of experience building products from the ground-up along with a deep understanding of large-scale distributed systems. You have a deep appreciation for both process and technical knowledge and can leverage your wealth of experience to solve problems and bring others to agreement on the best technical solutions. Your learning mentality and curiosity mean you’re always up-to-date on the latest technology. You have a balance of confidence in your own ability but are respectful enough to help people learn on their own.

About the Role

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This role is deeply technical and will require you to develop a strong understanding of FarmLogs entire technology stack. You’ll be responsible for developing the technical roadmap and leading all aspects of the company’s technology development. As our Chief Architect, you will need to be in front of every part of the product, not only establishing the needs of the architecture to meet today’s needs, but how we move from today’s requirements to future tactical and global needs without overinvesting.

Tasks You’ll Be Juggling

  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of the organization’s technologies and architectures.
  • Develop and maintain current and planned state of the architecture.
  • Develop and maintain an aspirational architectural road map.
  • Understand how to divide aspirational architecture into short deliverable time boxes.
  • Develop architectural metrics and reports for the leadership team.
  • Communicate architectural decisions, plans, goals and strategies.
  • Gain organizational commitment for enterprise level architecture and infrastructure initiatives.
  • Individual contributor in addition to being architectural visionary.
  • Elevate technical capabilities across the engineering team by respectful team mentoring.
  • Comprehend the architectural needs for geospatial, analysis, communications, and security of large data solution.

Your Creds


  • Previous development experience in any combination of the following: iOS, Android, Python, Clojure, JavaScript and related front end technologies
  • Experience working with raster and vector geospatial data using open source tools, such as GDAL
  • Experience storing and serving terabyte and petabyte scale geospatial data
  • Experience managing gigabyte and terabyte scale data in traditional RDBMSs, such as Postgres
  • Experience building containerized microservices architectures using tools such as docker and kubernetes
  • Experience with building, delivering, and managing Cloud environments provided by leading Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Google) including any supporting technologies.
  • Experience with SaaS, logging, monitoring, and medium to large scale architecture
  • Experience working in a successful technology startup
  • Excellent and confident decision-making skills with the ability to balance conflicting interests in a complex and fast-paced environment
  • Strong analytical, prioritization, and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Not afraid to jump in and move a project forward.

Nice to Have

  • Knowledge of and passion for farming industry
  • Have taken multiple organizational architectures from MVP to stability.

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