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Lifting Indoor Vertical Farming to the next level with Dryponics

Farmers Cut is re-imagining the way humanity grows food and its digital systems are making agriculture smarter. The computer scientists at Farmers Cut are plant and human-centric: we build outwards from the way our people and the grow spaces work every day, crafting tools that understand, coordinate, and optimise the farms. Our weaving of custom-built physical devices, large scale data processing, user-centered design, and machine learning both automate systems and facilitate the broader FC team. Join us in making digital tools that help grow plants!

What you’ll do:

This architect position demands equal parts coordinator, mentor, and tool maker. You will operate between layers in the “IoT stack”, helping Electrical Engineers coordinate with both embedded software and cloud infrastructure engineers.
You are the glue that makes sure all the devices are operating and communicating in harmony with the larger pipeline running in the cloud.
Your day-to-day will include talking to team members about the boards they are printing and the software they are writing, thinking about graceful degradation and restoration of service in crisis, and planning for the graceful evolution of the broader software architecture over time.
You will need to be a leader in our Hamburg office, providing empathetic humble support to the team members in terms of building tools to facilitate their work (writing code alongside them if needed) and offering light guidance as team members drive their projects from start to finish.

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What we’re looking for:

Experience with User-Centered Design or as a team leader (“TL” or “PM” for example).
Experience with (or willingness to learn) software architecture concepts like design patterns.
Experience with Java, Python, and C. Elixir a plus but not required.
Experience with embedded development. UART, MQTT, I2C, MODBUS, Rasberry Pi, or Arduino a plus but not required.
Experience with embedded Linux, sensing equipment, and industrial automation a plus but not required.
Familiarity with encryption, security, and networking concepts like TLS/SSL.
We are on the lookout for great people and understand that the most excellent contributors won’t fit into boxes. So, we encourage folks to apply even if they do not meet all of these recommended items.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]