Remote Sensing Scientist

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Aerial Spectral Imaging for Agriculture

We are seeking a scientist with a background in remote sensing and the earth sciences who can contribute to the development of products that extract agronomic insight from aerial imagery.

Responsibilities will include but may not be limited to:

  • Analysis of geospatial datasets, primarily imagery, but also ground data in a variety of formats
  • Development of tools that combine spectral imagery, weather, soil, ground samples, and other datasets to determine crop physiological traits, and translation to management recommendations to growers
  • Calibration of sensor systems, including visible, near infrared, and thermal cameras

Desired Experience:

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  • PhD in remote sensing, earth science, or a related field
  • Experience applying remote sensing to vegetation, especially agricultural systems, is a plus

Desired Skills:

  • Proficiency with tools for geospatial analysis of imagery, such as ENVI
  • Comfort with writing/adapting code in a language such as Python or R

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