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New products by exploiting microbial social networks

Company Overview
Boost Biomes is using the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. Our technology differentiator is the development of a causal understanding of microbial interactions powerful enough to allow the rational construction of designer functional consortia.

Our first products seek to reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest. There is significant need for new biological, organic, safe biopesticides for crops; current chemical products have many challenges, including regulatory burden for growers and safety concerns of consumers.

Harnessing the power of microbiomes will be imperative to a sustainable future. Boost’s core technology is a proprietary discovery platform that uses high throughput sequencing, selective enrichment and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles. This approach is faster and less expensive than traditional approaches and uniquely identifies consortia products which are often more effective than single-microbe products. Boost is uniquely positioned at the leading edge of a fast expanding field looking to tap into the value offered by understanding and engineering microbiomes.

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Boost announced seed funding and was part of competitively selective Illumina and Thrive Accelerators and the Plug and Play Food and Beverage Program. The company operates at JLabs in South San Francisco, the heart of west coast biotech. Boost has a deeply experienced founding team, and licensed IP protecting the platform.

Boost is looking for a dynamic leader to expand and translate our platform’s results to powerful applications. As Chief Technology Officer you will drive the strategy for expanding all aspects of platform development, including automation (computational and wet-lab) and data infrastructure and management. You will recruit and lead a skilled team spanning computational metagenomics, laboratory automation, microbiome characterization, greenhouse and field trials and cross-scale data analysis and integration. You will also play a leading role in developing and communicating the technology vision within Boost and to our investors and commercial partners.

You will be a chief architect of the data management and analysis, informatics and automation strategies and experimental designs and work with the CEO in developing and implementing partnerships which extend Boost technologies and applications. You will contribute to overall company strategy and play a critical and highly-visible role on the management team.

Your team will optimize and extend Boost’s proprietary sequence-based platform using microbial sequence data to predict microbial behavior in new environments. You and your group will be responsible for optimizing and extending the automated bioinformatics pipelines, architecting and coding to develop a reliable software platform/environment that will be used broadly within the company, and designing and developing the data visualization and access interfaces with Boost experimental scientists. Your team will collaborate with the Boost scientific team to create and implement novel analyses to extract predictive information regarding microbial interactions.

You are experienced with large-scale biological data analysis and have a background in genomics, microbial genomics and ecology, metagenomics, systems biology or data science. You use mathematics and computer science to creatively solve problems and convert solutions into efficient scalable programs to be run in the cloud and high-performance computing environments. You are an excellent communicator with a range of media and audiences. You will have access to domain experts within the company to grow and develop both personally and professionally. This is a singular opportunity to work at the forefront of a cutting-edge field with opportunities to make meaningful and impactful contributions to critical, real-world problems.

Required Skills
We are looking for someone with
• Experience managing diverse teams of scientists towards clear, measurable goals under short timelines; startup experience highly desired.
• Experience directly leading bioinformatics, biostatistics, agronomy, data science and software engineering teams, and collaborating with wet-lab personnel, is required.
• Knowledge of project and financial management of large scientific projects.
• Excellent communication skills required.
• Expertise in genomics, metagenomics, physiology, ecology and/or biotechnology of microbes, hosts and their communities.
• Deep understanding of NGS assays, data and analysis with familiarity with the standard toolchains.
• Experience running advanced computational biology projects to extract actionable information from biological data.
• Deep knowledge of, and software engineering experience with, one or more programming languages and coding environments.
• Experience in establishing and maintaining a cloud-based computational pipeline, preferably through AWS, and for successful use by non-developers in production mode.
• Familiarity with SQL and/or noSQL databases is preferred.
• Knowledge of microbiology, microbial ecology and/or host/microbial interactions and experience working with large genomics datasets in an R&D and/or product development environment.
• Experience managing large, multi-partner R&D collaborations preferred.

About you
• You have a big-picture focus on strategy, and you’re also comfortable drilling down on detail and getting things done.
• You will be very comfortable contributing to overall company strategy development and planning; you will quickly develop a technical vision for the computational biology group that supports the overall corporate strategy.
• Ph.D. or Master’s in Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences (Ecology, Microbiology), Genetics, Genomics, Computer Science, Statistical Science, Mathematics, Physics or related field is highly desirable.
• Extensive industry experience required.

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