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We’re looking for a passionate and talented design intern to join our small but growing product team. This is a paid position and is perfect for a student or someone just starting out in the design industry. You’ll have the opportunity to work on both product design (UI and UX) and marketing collateral. We’re looking for someone who can work a few hours per week at the beginning, and then ramp up during the summer.

Our platform is the web and we want to find someone who can think and work side-by-side with engineers to build beautiful and functional features and interactions. This role will allow you to flex your design, user experience, and front-end development skills. Additionally, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the world of AgTech, learning about things such as horticulture, farming data, and more.

Responsibilities include:

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  • Helping to design and implement* new features:* We have a long and constantly growing list of features we want to build. You would help our lead designer design and iterate on these features.
  • Working directly with the lead designer and software engineers: We are building a unified product team that encompasses design and development. You will work alongside the implementers to make sure that we’re pushing the best version of the product.
  • Working on brand and marketing collateral: In addition to product work, you’d help craft collateral that supports our brand such as infographics, email newsletters, and blog headers.
  • Testing and improving your designs: We are working directly with our users to get critical feedback and turn it into a better product.


  • Love the web: You love working in the sometimes difficult but always powerful platform of the browser. You understand the limitations but harness them to create awesome interactions.
  • Care about mobile experiences: You know that much of the web is experiences through mobile devices these days and have real world knowledge of using responsive design.
  • Enjoy doing it live: Even if you work primarily in Sketch or Photoshop, you’re comfortable looking at HTML/CSS (or are eager to learn!). You’ll have the opportunity to look inside our production code and make small changes while working with the rest of our product team.
  • Passionate about customers: You care about the users of the products you build and appreciate the opportunity to integrate their comments into your designs.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Working inside a startup: Agrilyst is a venture-backed startup doing work in an exciting sector of the tech world. You’ll be part of our agile team and use common tools such as Slack, GitHub, and Trello on a regular basis.
  • The world of AgTech: You’ll learn about horticulture, hydroponics, and data-driven growing practices, all of which are key for ensuring food security and supporting sustainable agriculture. AgTech is an exciting and increasingly large sector of the tech industry.

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