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Who we are?

Aerobotics is a data analytics company which uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers around the world through its cloud based web application, Aeroview. The company is setting the standard for tree crop analytics globally.  Aerobotics is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who are we looking for?

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A student with technical capabilities – specifically coding experience in Python/Java. Passionate about either machine learning/software development/agriculture.

What will you do on a day-to-day basis?

This very much depends on which tech team the intern works in.

Data Science: Helping build various parts of our data science pipeline (testing different algorithms in practice)

Software Development: Helping build out our software applications (either web application/mobile)

General Tech/Blue Sky Projects: Opportunities to build off-shoot technology, such as on-board drone processing, in-field robotics, etc. These tasks are more relevant to students who are specifically interested in hardware/embedded system engineering.

What experience are we looking for?

Ideally they have written code in a practical workplace (but not completely necessary).

What qualifications are we looking for?

Studying (or completed) a degree in Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics.

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