FarmLink Raises $40 Million Series B
FarmLink Raises $40 Million Series B

FarmLink Raises $40 Million Series B

August 21, 2014

Money keeps rolling in for agtech data platforms.


FarmLink, a farming productivity solutions provider, has announced it’s raised a $40 million Series B. The round was led by OpenAir Equity Partners, which also includes existing investors Thorndale Farm, LLC, private investors Don Walsworth and John Rose, and new investor Early Investments.


“As the only provider of yield benchmarking in agriculture, FarmLink is changing how farmers measure performance and make investment decisions,” said Ron LeMay, Chairman and CEO of FarmLink. “Without the required data and analytics, agriculture hasn’t been able to utilize this important measurement capability, used successfully by other industries for years. FarmLink is changing that fact.”


This isn’t the only big wave FarmLink has made in the ag world lately. The Series B comes just after FarmLink announcement it has partnered with the American Soybean Association (ASA) to launch “Operation Benchmark,” an initiative to promote FarmLink’s TrueHarvest to farmers.


Showing farmers a range of performance potential, TrueHarvest is a data platform that helps farmers grow more efficiently and shows information down to 150-square-food micro-field levels. The platform provides estimates on productivity and profitability after factoring a wide range of variables.

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“The closing of our equity round and our recently announced partnership with the ASA show how FarmLink is positioned to change the landscape of data services in agriculture,” said FarmLink President Scott Robinson. “With continued investment and strong relationships directly with growers and the associations they trust most, FarmLink stands alone as the independent company that develops yield measurement and granular benchmarking services for farmers.”


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