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New possibilities for GLOBAL Food industry on a basis of Bast Crops colloid systems

October 3, 2019


Good afternoon Dear and respectable collectors and processors of all sorts of varieties of Bast Crops! Your dynamic and progressive company are approached by a scientist from Ukraine.
For the first time in the entire history of the development of harvesting methods: grain crops, cereals, wild-growing and man-made bast crops, a technology of deep processing and NANO separation + NANO formations into (!!!) elementary components has appeared. Fundamental “tools” from: colloid chemistry, physical chemistry of colloidal systems, chemical physics of colloidal systems, colloidal chemistry of polymers, organic and general chemistry, and other fundamental knowledge gathered in one integrated technological solution. Comprehensive and consistent use of the fundamental knowledge of the capabilities of all these respected chemistry … – the “born” invention. Combined technological regulations for (!) Deep separation of the stems of these natural “plants” of unique, important and promising components. This invention creates and opens up a range of new sources of raw materials to improve high-quality products, but with new, unique properties. It is extremely important to note the fact that the invented technology does not affect (does not affect) the traditional goals of growing one or another cereal plant (agricultural plants). For example. I don’t need sunflower seeds. I need his FRESH stalk. Similarly, with: corn, rice, hemp, and so on the entire list of Bast crops https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber_crop/ . To begin the implementation of this invention, we take – HEMP.
Applying this invention already in the form of technological regulations, we get NANO elementary fibers with unique properties and capabilities. Opportunities to create highly populated, high modulus compositions, with the desired properties. These are construction materials and implants and fire-resistant coatings, sorbents, adhesive systems and much, much more. A pleasant surprise was the realization of the ability to isolate and encapsulate a wide range of new types: amorphous, liquid-phase, liquid-crystal …, components of these “natural plants”. This is a completely new and more active range of raw materials for: medicine, pharmacopeia, perfumery, drugs and components for their production.
All this, the initial list of the proposed technology. Technologies of the future.
With this letter, the appeal, I begin an active search for a partner for patenting and the implementation of the invention in full. I have no such opportunity in my homeland. Ready to meet YOU and begin active work.
I propose to respond to those interested and able not only to understand, but also to finance the whole range of patent applications.
Continuous monitoring of patent purity, confirms our priority on our topics.
Important. The owner of all proposed solutions is one scientist – Dr. Oleg V Anokhin.
At this address you can on GOOGLE to clarify the range of my work, my experience since January 1974.
With exceptional respect, Oleg Anokhin
p.s. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the use of such fundamental and innovative projects shows how you can, without expanding the acreage, increase and modify the resource base, the range and resource of agriculture.


October 3, 2019