DroneDeploy, smart drone management system, raises $2M

DroneDeploy, smart drone management system, raises $2M

It’s a big year for VCs funding drone companies! DroneDeploy, a smart drone management platform, announced a $2M seed round led by SoftTech VC with participation from other Silicon Valley heavy hitters including Data Collective, RedPoint, DFJ, and AngelPad.

They’ve launched their 4G powered drone control product out of beta, and are available to commercial customers. There is a lot of buzz around drones, but current commercial solutions are very complex and difficult to activate. Software hasn’t caught up with the hardware and there is no way to coordinate between drones.

As a result, even the savviest business owners can’t take advantage of this opportunity. DroneDeploy’s software tries to makes drones simple to use tools. Onboard cellular connection means data acquisition helps make a seamless connection with the cloud and data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and processed.

DroneDeploy reports that farmers, contractors and researchers are already using DroneDeploy as an easy-to-use solution to get real-time data from drones. The platform is a web-app so can be used on computers, tablets or smart device to help make smart business decisions.

Farmers and agronomists are some of the first users of DroneDeploy, who are using drones, to boost yields, investigate crop stress, and increase overall efficiency. The DroneDeploy platform enables them to get a drone in the air, and receive their results within 30 minutes.

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