Calling Innovators Accelerating, Quantifying & Rewarding Soil Carbon Sequestration!

Indigo Agriculture has launched the Terraton Challenge, as part of Indigo Agriculture’s Terraton Initiative aimed at sequestering one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through regenerative agriculture.

The Terraton Challenge is an open call to innovators to develop solutions to accelerate, quantify, and reward soil carbon sequestration.

Innovators and entrepreneurs are invited to apply before October 1, 2019 for the chance of winning the following:

  • $20k in grant funding
  • up to $3 million in Indigo contracts
  • participation in a virtual incubation program including access to mentors and speaking engagements
  • opportunity to demo innovation live at BeneficialAg 2020
  • on-farm trials with Indigo farmer partners

Who Can Apply?

Startups of all stages and sizes are invited to apply in the following categories.

Accelerate: this category is focused on novel products and processes that can accelerate the pace at which carbon is sequestered in soils. This includes technologies leveraging plant breeding and genetics to produce new crop varieties, crop input companies with novel soil amendments or microbes, or those with novel processes that convert biomass into stable forms of soil carbon.

Quantify: as the name suggests this category is focused on solutions that measure the amount of carbon in soils. Technologies that drive efficiency, accuracy, and costs out of quantifying soil carbon will accelerate the collective understanding of carbon and hasten the adoption of practices that sequester carbon.  This is a broad category that could include improved tools for being able to pull soil cores faster and deeper, autonomous soil sampling, remote sensing, in-field spectroscopy systems, and algorithms and digital tools that optimize soil sampling locations or the methods for sampling.

Reward: this category is for startups developing innovative financial instruments and products, including carbon accounting tools, new carbon credit methodologies, insurance products, or novel approaches for accounting for ecosystem services. The opportunity here is to develop novel financial products that help growers shift their thinking to consider carbon as a critical lever in the farm profitability, and therefore rapidly adopt new systems of management practices

Find out more and apply here!