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£14 Billion Agritech Sector Makes the UK An Attractive Home for Overseas Investors

A golden opportunity to grow your agritech business in the UK

Technology is transforming agriculture, the world’s oldest industry. Rising food demand and declining land availability are driving innovation in farming techniques.

Leading the race to innovate is one area of the UK: Telford in England’s farming heartland. Telford’s rich combination of world-class R&D, a large and highly skilled workforce and ecosystem of innovative manufacturers and tech companies serving the agricultural sector make it the ideal place to locate and expand. What’s more, the UK agritech sector is worth £14 billion and growing.

Reasons to expand your agritech business to the UK include:

    1. Exponential growth
      The global agritech sector is growing rapidly and set to be worth £217 billion by 2021
    2. Sector diversity
      Automotive and aerospace technology companies are diversifying into the sector, applying their expertise in satellites and GPS to precision agriculture, a sub-sector that will be worth £170 billion globally by 2050
    3. Huge potential
      Agrifood start-ups are attracting major backing, receiving £3.1 billion of funding in the first half of 2017

Take advantage of this unique opportunity

The UK government offers a package of assistance and incentives to help agritech companies based outside of the UK set up in Telford and exploit this unique opportunity. You will be quickly connected to suppliers, customers and companies already benefitting from the region’s strengths, and receive tailored guidance on visas, recruitment and access to funding.

It’s time to find out how you could capitalise on a market that’s already worth £14 billion and showing no signs of slowing down.

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